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Welcome to Vegan Accessories where you will find a range of beautifully crafted Vegan Handbags, Vegan Jewelry and Vegan Gifts from around the world. Our woven Vegan Handbags are hand made from 100% natural fibres. Each Vegan Handbag is produced by a single Artisan Weaver using skills passed down through generations. The process can take up to three days per bag and produces a piece which is a reflection of the maker’s art. No two pieces will be identical. Your Vegan Bag will be a unique creation to be treasured! These bags are now regularly featured on the catwalks of Europe and the US. The Vegan Accessories range includes Handbags, Tote Bags, Beach Bags, Clutches and Purses as well as fully woven Backpacks and Cross Body Bags. Some with naturally felled Mahogany handles or beaded wooden handles. Our Vegan Accessories Jewellery is sourced from the Andes Mountains and is hand crafted from semi-precious stones such as red, blue and black Turquoise as well as Andes Opal set in Alpaca Silver.

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