At Vegan Accessories we are passionate about bringing you the most beautiful, stylish and chic range of bags and accessories to be found anywhere in the world. Our range is thoroughly researched and carefully sought out in the furthest and most far flung corners of the globe. Our Artisan weavers practice an age old art, known to just a few, producing hand-made works of stunning beauty and individuality for you to treasure and enjoy. Each piece lovingly woven and crafted for days before the final touches make it ready for your enjoyment.

Our bags are harvested in nature using fibres sustainably sourced from Pandan, Jute, Abaca, Bamboo and more. We incorporate semi-precious stones and Vegan Leather into our designs to create stunning and totally natural products of timeless beauty.

At Vegan Accessories we proudly support the ancient art of weaving in remote rural communities. These communities depend on the income and financial independence that the industry generates, income that supports essential infrastructure, health services, education and public amenities. All of our products are sourced through the weaving communities' representatives adhering to the Fair Trade principals that provide a sustainable benefit to the weavers and their families. Only through Fair Trade can the traditions and the unique art of the weavers be perpetuated for future generations to enjoy.