Q:What does your free delivery policy cover?

A: Our free delivery policy covers Australia Post parcel delivery of any orders over a total value of $99.00 to addresses within Australia. For all other orders outside Australia and for orders of a lesser value than $99.00 within Australia the postage can be calculated in the Shopping Bag area.

 Q: What is your return or refund policy?

A: Our return or refund policy is specified in detail on our Returns page. You will find the link at the foot of our website under the Site Navigation heading.

Q: Are your bags waterproof?

A: All of our bags are made from natural fibres which have been dried, dyed and woven. The finished items are then coated in a natural, plant based, lacquer which makes them water resistant. They can easily withstand a light rain shower but should never be totally immersed in water. Do not wash or launder them. If they are subjected to an extensive period of heavy rain be sure to shelter them with an umbrella and dry with a soft cloth at the earliest opportunity.

Q: How do I clean my bag?

A: Your bag should never be subjected to harsh detergents, stain removers or other cleaning chemicals. Simply wipe with a damp soft cloth. For stubborn marks and grime a gentle rub with a damp soft cloth and a small amount of a gentle body soap should be sufficient. Never use any heating device to dry your bag.

Q: Are your bags made in a factory using cheap labour?

A: Our bags are hand made by proud and independent Artisan Weavers living primarily in remote provinces and rural areas. The art of weaving has been passed down through many generations and is practiced by family units and often in weaving co-operatives, owned and managed by the weavers themselves. They market their products through their own agents and representatives and achieve financial independence and a prosperous village community and economy through their skills.

Q: I’ve noticed that the colour and pattern varies a bit in the two identical bags I bought. Is this a defect?

A: Remember, all of our bags are created by hand and by many different weavers across many communities. Your bags are similar to works of art, no two will be exactly the same. The patterns are subject to personal interpretation, the woven fibres are hand dyed and subject to variations in dye intensity, weather, humidity and personal judgements of the Artisans that perform the task. Treasure the differences! They are what makes your piece unique.

Q: Are all of the products on your website actually Vegan?

A: We carefully research, and where necessary arrange specific manufacturing changes to ensure that all of our products are 100% Vegan.

Q: Do you sell other Vegan products or just bags?

A: The Vegan Accessories and Leaf Artisan Creations brands will be expanded over the next 12 months to incorporate many other items including stunning natural jewellery, homewares, pet products and much more. Watch this space!